A pixel art 2D sandbox RPG developed by Fabledmystics studio.

  • Fantasy orchestral


Freefall, exhilarating turns, and a sense of speed in your adventure… What else would you experience if you had wings? VORON awaits, ready to set the world in motion with every beat of your wings.

  • Relaxing yet mysterious vibe. Music & Sound Design


A fantasy card game that can be played directly in your web browser. Currently being developed in public at

  • Fantasy orchestral. Music & Sound Design

lofi music


A 3D isometric puzzle game where you create shapes by appending blocks together.

  • Lo-Fi hip hop music to help with concentration

Netflix Pilot

What Would You Do?

A comedy based in South Africa. This pilot for Netflix contained fantastic lighting and cinematography throughout the show.

  • Orchestral and original songs in other genres

Space Trash Scavenger

Space Trash Scavenger

Grab your jetpack and explore procedural asteroid fields, derelict spaceships and abandoned outposts. Build your Space Rig to process scavenged trash. Craft, trade and fight your way to success in this interstellar, open-world sandbox.

  • A bluesy-country style theme using guitar, banjos and synths

Star Head

Star Head

A sci-fi head-throwing physics platformer with platforming puzzles and adversaries inspired by scientific and math concepts. This game features extremely unique mechanics.

  • Spacey, lonely feel with guitar, strings and synth often mentioned to be reminiscent to the Donkey Kong Country series.

Project Legacy

A girl trapped at the top of a mountain in this surreal world while a cosmic wolf tries to hunt her. Before she can leave, she honors the legacies of other fallen adventurers who have died here before her, while also remembering her past and how she got trapped here in the first place.

  • A calm theme using piano, guitar and strings

Solar Echo

Matt Grazier (Grezure)’s song Solar Echo. A throwback to synthwave music using modern synths for an added effect. This track is available on all streaming services and has been featured in content creator’s YouTube and TikTok videos.